Mystify Version 2.5

While trying to get the bounce feature to work properly in the mystify sketch I was writing, I realized while working on the orbiting sketch that I could use sine waves as an alternative to having boolean switches that ticked on and off when the x or y coordinates increased past the canvas boundaries. What resulted is a more fluid dynamic that pretty mesmerizing. I also added the function of adding points when left-clicking and removing points when right-clicking.

Orbiting Bodies Sketch, Part I

This is the first stab at making a sketch that shows multiple particles orbiting around a single point. I’m partially inspired by the talk by Carter Emmart and also inspired by the visualizations in Interstellar. I’m also fascinated by particle movements that are defined by mathematical equations, like orbital dynamics. Finally, I wanted to see if I could fake something that looks 3D while only using 2-dimensional math.

The timelessness of technophobia

How have our lives changed since the advent of the computer age? What if this question had already been answered in the first decade of the 20th Century? Written at a time when computers were still considered people, E. M. Forster wrote a short story that presaged our current condition of screen addiction, social media frenzy, and the resulting feelings of isolation.

First Switch

A seemingly simple task, we were required to create a switch in a circuit. Already, I began to think of layers of functionality that I could work into this assignment, but I decided to keep this one simple. I managed to play around with a few of the different components we were required to purchase for our physical computing class. Among the shopping list included a pressure sensor, a potentiometer, and a tilt sensor. 

Mass Production, Part I

The challenge on this project was to create a set of 5 identical items. I decided to make 5 boxes of a fairly innocuous size, 4″x6″. As an ITP student, I have plenty of pieces of things (mostly from physical computing) and some extra storage couldn’t hurt.

Pac Man

Inspired by our Computational Media professor’s lecture on arcs and ellipses and her sketch of a Pac Man, I just had to figure out how to animate it.