Simple Clock on P5.js

I wanted to make sure that I completed the requirements of the assignment, which was to make a composition of simple shapes, so I also made a very simple clock that makes use of the arc and ellipse functions.

Mystify your mind

As our first Computational Media assignment, we were asked to create a screen drawing using a p5.js. I decided that I wanted to come up with something a little more generative with some random values assigned and in particular something that moved. Once I began thinking about this, I had a hard time shaking the Windows screensaver of yesteryear, Mystify Your Mind.

Programming Design and Space

Computation is an immensely powerful resource that now is widely available, and programming is the language to tap into that resource. I’ve had some experience programming in various languages, but I’ve never reached the point where I could output anything particularly useful. I’m hoping to reach a level at ITP where I can really cross that threshold that lies between my prior casual understanding into a richer connection to a tool that is carrying a heavier and heavier load in everyone’s lives.

Google Context Search?

In February of 2007, Harper’s Magazine ran an article that described the conversation about a painting and the photograph that inspired that painting. Both Joy Garnett, the painter and Susan Meiselas, the photographer offered their views on their respective works and the looming lawsuit that never ensued. Meiselas was concerned about the context of the original photo which was removed in the painting. Perhaps Meiselas can be set at ease with the knowledge that context is never more than a few clicks or finger taps away.

This shouldn't be this hard

Homemade Flashlight, Part III

While I managed to get the innards more or less made to fit within the bottle, the electric tape kept adding enough thickness that it was getting really hard to pull it out without the whole thing falling apart. Even though I already intended to switch out the bulb, I decided to rebuild the rest of the battery and bulb circuit from the cap up paying attention to thickness and robustness.

What is interactivity?

Upon wrapping up my first week of classes at ITP, I’m contemplating increasingly what the “I” in “ITP” stands for. Literally it is “Interactive” (perhaps the only relevant part of its name, “ITP” is the “KFC” of academics), but despite “interactive” continuing to remain relevant in today’s digital culture, it’s probably useful to probe deeper into what it means.

Homemade Flashlight, Part I

Our first fabrication assignment is to design and build a flashlight. This seems to be a “make it hard as you want” kind of project, so I’ll do what I can to try not to blow this out of proportion.