Beginnings of a Portrait of an Artist

Our next assignment is to craft a video piece that will serve as a portrait of an artist. Our group has a few different ideas on who we want to focus on, so we are purposely keeping our process open-ended.

The timelessness of technophobia

How have our lives changed since the advent of the computer age? What if this question had already been answered in the first decade of the 20th Century? Written at a time when computers were still considered people, E. M. Forster wrote a short story that presaged our current condition of screen addiction, social media frenzy, and the resulting feelings of isolation.

Google Context Search?

In February of 2007, Harper’s Magazine ran an article that described the conversation about a painting and the photograph that inspired that painting. Both Joy Garnett, the painter and Susan Meiselas, the photographer offered their views on their respective works and the looming lawsuit that never ensued. Meiselas was concerned about the context of the original photo which was removed in the painting. Perhaps Meiselas can be set at ease with the knowledge that context is never more than a few clicks or finger taps away.

Shotgun Mic Experiments

Our first foray into the world of field recorders and specialized mics. While the act of hearing the world through a shotgun mic was totally fascinating, understanding the spatial relationship between recording device and recording subject required the capture of some video.