Tisch Building Nap Walk

Objective: To create a sound walk to a specific location with the Tisch Building.


My partner, Anthony Bui, and I were able to focus in on a specific topic, a location for naps, fairly quickly. We incorporated an interview with a subject matter expert and crafted a simple narrative around the material that we collected. We then used some freeform audio engineering to shape an audio ‘napscape’ which formed a satisfying conclusion at the end of the piece.


Introducing an interview as a central feature of our audio piece created a challenging dynamic to work with. We wanted additional voices in the piece, but without extensive direction up front on how they might phrase their answers, we had to work around the material that we were given. Overall, Taylor, our interviewee, gave us a lot of good stuff, so it wasn’t actually a problem, but in the future, I think it would be good to have multiple recording sessions instead of just one long one.

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Tisch Building Nap Walk, the Making of