Mass Production Boxes

Objective: To learn methods of optimization while maintaining accuracy by carefully considering the order of operations and choice of tools.


I used the panel saw to rip strips of wood that formed the sides and bottoms of the boxes. I then used the compound miter saw to chop the strips of wood down to the dimensions of the box. Using a dowel jig, I made holes along the edges of the sides that lined up with holes I made using a drill press. I hammered and malleted the entire box together and used a router to chamfer the edges.


This project was particularly challenging in that I was using a limited number of tools to achieve precision. Without becoming too familiar with the tools and working on a very tight timeline, I cut a lot of corners, both figuratively and literally. The choice to use dowels to pin the joints together was a new experience for me and allowed me to forgo the use of fasteners and glue, a decision that was advantages when I decided late in the game to route the edges. Overall, the boxes “work,” but the edges look a bit shoddy. I’m considering having another go at it as a project, or do something else with a similar production technique and try to achieve a greater degree of precision.

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