Homemade Flashlight

Objective: To build a flashlight from scratch or found parts


I approached this task with a desire to work with glass, a material I have little experience with, and mostly found parts. I pulled an LED lightbulb from a flashlight, rebuilt the circuit with AA batteries, an ON/OFF switch I stripped from a piece of refuse, and a glass bottle to act as the housing, handle and diffuser for the light. Additionally, I used the cap as the base for the inside elements which can be easily accessed by unscrewing it. See the entire process here.


Working with glass was a lot harder than I expected, and as a result, I scaled back many of my ambitions. However, the execution is still in my view a successful use of the material. I also avoided using glass in ways that are uncomplimentary—I’m not gluing it or painting it. The glass also adds some very nice caustic networks that are projected onto surfaces when turned on in the dark.

If I had more time, I would consider powder coating the cap to have it match the electric tape handle that runs along the neck of the bottle.

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