Drawing Machine—Design

For my final project, I’ve decided to continue with the idea of a drawing machine, but with a slightly different … More

First Switch

A seemingly simple task, we were required to create a switch in a circuit. Already, I began to think of layers of functionality that I could work into this assignment, but I decided to keep this one simple. I managed to play around with a few of the different components we were required to purchase for our physical computing class. Among the shopping list included a pressure sensor, a potentiometer, and a tilt sensor. 

What is interactivity?

Upon wrapping up my first week of classes at ITP, I’m contemplating increasingly what the “I” in “ITP” stands for. Literally it is “Interactive” (perhaps the only relevant part of its name, “ITP” is the “KFC” of academics), but despite “interactive” continuing to remain relevant in today’s digital culture, it’s probably useful to probe deeper into what it means.