Drawing Machine—Design

For my final project, I’ve decided to continue with the idea of a drawing machine, but with a slightly different … More

Orbital Sketch with Grid Filter

Iterating on the previous Orbiting Bodies sketches I had made, I tried to see if there was a more interesting way to display the movement of the particles. What I ended up with, was a grid of circles that respond to the proximity to the particles. 

Mystify Version 2.5

While trying to get the bounce feature to work properly in the mystify sketch I was writing, I realized while working on the orbiting sketch that I could use sine waves as an alternative to having boolean switches that ticked on and off when the x or y coordinates increased past the canvas boundaries. What resulted is a more fluid dynamic that pretty mesmerizing. I also added the function of adding points when left-clicking and removing points when right-clicking.

Orbiting Bodies Sketch, Part I

This is the first stab at making a sketch that shows multiple particles orbiting around a single point. I’m partially inspired by the talk by Carter Emmart and also inspired by the visualizations in Interstellar. I’m also fascinated by particle movements that are defined by mathematical equations, like orbital dynamics. Finally, I wanted to see if I could fake something that looks 3D while only using 2-dimensional math.

Mystify version 2

I decided to attack the problems I was having on my Mystify code with a bit of additional knowledge and finesse while still avoiding any new topics, like multi-dimensional arrays. I came up with a simple solution for the ghost trails by essentially reducing the alpha (i.e. transparency) of the background refresh.

Pac Man

Inspired by our Computational Media professor’s lecture on arcs and ellipses and her sketch of a Pac Man, I just had to figure out how to animate it.

Simple Clock on P5.js

I wanted to make sure that I completed the requirements of the assignment, which was to make a composition of simple shapes, so I also made a very simple clock that makes use of the arc and ellipse functions.

Mystify your mind

As our first Computational Media assignment, we were asked to create a screen drawing using a p5.js. I decided that I wanted to come up with something a little more generative with some random values assigned and in particular something that moved. Once I began thinking about this, I had a hard time shaking the Windows screensaver of yesteryear, Mystify Your Mind.

Programming Design and Space

Computation is an immensely powerful resource that now is widely available, and programming is the language to tap into that resource. I’ve had some experience programming in various languages, but I’ve never reached the point where I could output anything particularly useful. I’m hoping to reach a level at ITP where I can really cross that threshold that lies between my prior casual understanding into a richer connection to a tool that is carrying a heavier and heavier load in everyone’s lives.