Chair for a Little One 2.0

After building a chair for my son, I decided to make another one for my niece’s birthday. However, instead of just duplicating the design and building a new one, I tried to implement a few improvements and also made some changes to allow for flat-packing and transportation.

Among the changes were:

  • A higher back for more support
  • An additional support to hold up the higher back
  • The front/back panel now supports the side panels that now form the chair legs
  • Fewer rounded corners
  • Stainless steel hardware for easier assembly
Rendering of newer chair

I also created a set of instructions for my brother to use as he put it together. Instead of developing a new visual language to communicate the building method, I chose to adopt one that is familiar to almost anyone who has put together furniture.

For anyone who is interested in making their own version, all of the files can be found here!

Please let me know if you end up making it and how it works out for you!

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