RESTful API for a limbo machine

REST(REpresentational State Transfer) is a style to be adhered to when creating web services. My partner, Vidia, and I are currently creating a RESTful server that will be the online presence of a limbo machine,Roland, Kellee, and Sandy’s idea of a good time. At the moment, we still aren’t quite sure what a limbo machine is, but we do know what information the limbo machine will need to provide.

Our server, following as much as possible┬átheir idea, we have begun establishing what is required for this to work. Basing our first server on Tom Igoe’s Simple Node Server example, we’ve set up a p5 sketch that takes inputs from the user and reformats it as JSON.

Rudimentary control and status update

While abstract, the basic elements are present to begin developing this into a physical object. The height refers to the distance of the bar from the floor. The ‘on/off’ status refers to whether the bar has fallen or not. And the score refers to how many party-goers have passed under the bar successfully.

The next challenge will be figuring out how this communicates with a physical device. I’m not sure whether it needs to have 2-way communication or just issue commands while keeping track internally. Code can be seen accessed here.


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