Don’t Downgrade Your Python Version. Just Use a Virtual Environment

Here’s how to set up a virtual environment that can be used for all kinds of Python applications. This specifically solved my problem of being unable to install TensorFlow after I mistakenly upgraded my Python to 3.7.

My problems began when I started an exercise from class that required TensorFlow. After trying pip install tensorflow multiple times and always getting a No matching distribution found for tensorflow response, I started snooping around for a reason. I quickly realized (from TensorFlow’s website) that TensorFlow has not been released for Python 3.7 which was running on my computer.

My classmate, Jim, recommended using Anaconda to set up a virtual environment that could use any version of Python with specific packages installed. I installed it and set up my environment:

 conda create -n py36ML python=3.6 anaconda

This solved my problem immediately. py36ML was the name of the virtual environment that I setup and python=3.6 was the version I specified. More detailed information can be found here.


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