Semester 3 @ ITP!

So begins my second year at ITP. Yes, there are some loose ends that need to be wrapped from the previous semester and a couple of projects that could be a bit more complete. Nonetheless, with those projects on back burners, I am beginning this new semester with an exciting schedule of classes. The overall idea behind this semester was to focus on some of the more technical aspects of what I hope to achieve while spending creative energy on developing ideas for my thesis. Not all of the classes are technically focused, but there is somewhat of a trend in that direction. My classes are as follows:

  • Digital Imaging Reset – This course focuses on the differences that exist between digital imaging and the ways our brains process images. I’m very excited about this class and working with Eric Rosenthal.
  • Basic Analog Circuits – This course is all about building analog circuits and strengthening my understanding of electronics. On more than one of my projects, I found my knowledge of circuitry failed me and caused them to function poorly or not at all. Hoping to circle back after this one.
  • Understanding Networks – This course takes an in-depth look at how networks are formed, organized, and used across a variety of applications. There appears to be an emphasis on computer networks as they relate to the internet, but the logic can easily be transferred to numerous other scenarios such as physical transport, team productivity, and building systems. Taught by Tom Igoe.
  • Neural Aesthetic – This course uses machine learning as a tool in art and creativity. I’m excited by the implications of connecting this to digital fabrication. This one is taught by Gene Kogan.

I’m also waitlisted on the two following courses:

  • Magic Windows and Mixed-Up Realities – This is an exciting course that is all about augmented reality or mixed reality. Rui Pereira is the teacher and has already given us a lot to think about in the first lecture. I’m hoping someone drops out!
  • Digital Fabrication – And finally, this course, taught by Danny Rozin, will help round out my fabrication knowledge with some exciting new tools. CNC router? Yes, please!


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