Cenotaph for Isaac Newton, an Exercise in Unity

One of the strengths of working within a digital medium is its limitless potential especially when it comes to things that would be impossible to build in the real world. Etienne-Louis Boullée would appreciate this. He designed buildings that were impossible in more ways than one but were also very monumental. His most famous might be the Cenotaph for Isaac Newton. I thought this might be a good place to begin my journey into the realms of digital environments.

I wanted to make sure that the scale was maintained, so it was important for me to make informed guesses on how big it is. It ended up being about 750′ wide containing a spherical inner chamber with a diameter of 400′. The spans necessary for this structure would make it incredibly hard to build even today. While the final Unity app is missing major triggers or interactions, it was a decent start at learning how model and light a Unity scene.

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