Slit Scan Camera Sketch

I’m beginning to work with data pulled in from cameras and images. Slit-scan photography is an ongoing interest of mine specifically in its way of representing time and space. In a way, it swaps the x-axis for time and provides a result that shows the entire history of a slice of space, without showing its spatial context.

The camera may not work on the embedded sketch above, but a working version can be found here. The sketch makes use of ‘for loops,’ arrays, classes, image.pixels, and a webcam video feed. It takes each frame and feeds each pixel data into an array. Using that array, the sketch then creates a new instance of the ‘column’ class, which is the column of white pixels below the image. The column is supplied with the pixel information that corresponds to the location of the red line above. After each column is made and displayed, they then slide across the bottom of the screen.

Eventually, I intend to use a version of this sketch to drive a drawing machine I’m working on currently. In the updated version, I’ll probably cut the bottom half opting to display that information via the drawing machine. See the code below:

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