Portrait of a Specialist: Che-Wei Wang

Through some solid team collaboration and a lot of hard work, we managed to pull together a little glimpse into the life of a great designer and maker.

Making Time with Che-Wei from Lucas on Vimeo.

Che-Wei was a professor of mine at Pratt Institute and was actually attending ITP at that time. He’s always been someone whom I’ve been watching out of the corner of my eye. He and his wife have been producing a bunch of great products.

Working together, Anita, Alan, Ella and I managed to schedule to shoot as much as we could in one morning. Staying organized on site was much more challenging than I anticipated. We had shot lists, interview questions, equipment lists, and a general run-of-show, but when we arrived we were still running around, trying to keep cords untangled, our stuff confined to one corner and batteries charged. I think there is a coffee cup in one of the shots that belonged to one of us! Overall, it was a successful shoot, but I definitely learned the need for keeping a log of everything and to be extremely fastidious about equipment.

Going through the footage, finding the clips and sound bites we wanted to use and figuring out how to piece together a narrative that is true to the spirit and message of the subject, coherent, interesting, and not too long was a satisfying but difficult task. We all poured over the footage and each developed a rough cut of the just the interview elements. This helped us identify trends across our cuts and let us have informed conversations about pacing and style.

From there we began to layer in the B-reel and also intercut some hands-on footage that we shot. The final challenge became the task of keeping it less than 5 minutes. We went through and trimmed as many “uhs” and “likes” as we could and any visual fat that could be found scraping in at 5 minutes and 3 seconds. I’m really proud of the final cut that we all made together and hope that others will be able to watch it and find inspiration from it like we did making it.

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