Mass Production, Part I

The challenge on this project was to create a set of 5 identical items. I decided to make 5 boxes of a fairly innocuous size, 4″x6″. As an ITP student, I have plenty of pieces of things (mostly from physical computing) and some extra storage couldn’t hurt. I mocked it up in Rhino3D just to make sure everything lined up and got a rough idea of the amount of material I would need.

According to this 3D diagram, as long as I make all the pieces the right dimensions, they should all fit together perfectly!

Our professor showed us how to use a dowel jig which essentially allows one to drill holes straight into the sides of plywood pretty easily, and I thought it would have a nice final look to make them all out of wood with no fasteners, and just enough glue.

My project did not come out this pristine looking.

Inspired to use this new tool and excited to begin a project that let me really get my hands dirty in the woodshop, I began the task of making 5 boxes.

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