Homemade Flashlight, Part II

Now for the making of the flashlight. I needed to find a few elements, but the ITP shop has a lot of hidden gems. I found this little guy in the junk bin. Who knows what it did, but it had the perfect little ON/OFF switch I was looking for.

Something with an ON/OFF switch

Knowing that I had a working flashlight with 2 double A batteries made me at least confident that I can at least replicate the functionality of this object.

Using a free LED from one of the shop bins, I started to see if I could build out the DC circuit to the batteries. Really I just wanted to see if it worked and if I could get through this exercise without using a soldering iron.

This LED turned out to be not very bright… but at least all the pieces worked together.

Still sticking with the plan to use a bottle as the housing, I developed a simple design for a bottle flashlight with an ON/OFF switch in the cap. The cap can also act as a mechanism by which the batteries can be removed. 

With the design more or less finalized, I worked on building out the cap mechanism. I pulled out the switch from the piece of junk and realized that I would need to fasten it to an intermediary material because the screw holes were facing the wrong way. I found a piece of plywood that I cut, sanded down and drilled some small holes that would fit the screws of the switch.


Using wood as an intermediary meant that I wouldn’t be relying on glue to fasten it to the plastic cap I was using, I could screw it right in. I drilled a few holes in the cap and put it all together.

After adding the batteries, I was able to create essentially the bare minimums required to call something a flashlight.

Final steps remaining are:

  • Make sure this fits in a bottle.
  • Switch out the light for something a little more serious.
  • Figure out a way to squeeze in a material that could make a good focusing chamber.

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  1. Nice work.
    Good idea using the cap to connect to the bottle. And good use of scrap from the junk shelf.
    I’d like to see a image or two of the flashlight fully assembled with the bottle.

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