First Switch

A seemingly simple task, we were required to create a switch in a circuit. Already, I began to think of layers of functionality that I could work into this assignment, but I decided to keep this one simple. I managed to play around with a few of the different components we were required to purchase for our physical computing class. Among the shopping list included a pressure sensor, a potentiometer, and a tilt sensor.

The pressure sensor was fairly straightforward: press on the tab and the light brightens. Release the tab and the light goes out.

I next began playing around with potentiometers. These can be pretty useful as they offer analog input.

Potentiometers can act like a rheostat by dimming lights and splitting the voltage.

Finally, I pulled out the tilt sensor. This one has some interesting implications. I’m trying to figure out how to create a device that could alert me when my dog’s water bowl is empty. With the use of a fishing bobber or something similar, when the water dips below a certain level, it could cause a solid element to tilt down causing the light to illuminate.

The tilt sensor has a small conductive ball in a chamber that when tilted, completes the circuit.

There are some really exciting places this could go. I’m eager to see what’s next.

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