Pocket Operator Case

Pocket operators are really cool little devices that are made very affordably and are actually quite powerful in terms of…

Chair for a Little One 2.0

After building a chair for my son, I decided to make another one for my niece’s birthday. However, instead of…

Hand Router Dovetail Joints

As an introduction to working with various 3-axis milling/routing machines, our first assignment in “Subtraction” was to get our hands…

Neural City

3D modeling is tedious work. Creating the volumes, texturing the surfaces, laying out and testing the lights is all time-consuming, and rendering can eat up hours just for a single frame. What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Web Site Traceroute Experiment

In better understanding how our devices are connected to the internet, I will share the traceroutes that I have performed on some of the websites that I regularly visit.